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The Gliffy plugin allows you to easily create professional-quality flowcharts and diagrams, right in your Confluence pages.

At Atlassian, our Human Resources department used this tool to map out our recruitment process. This diagram is embedded in a Confluence page in the team's space where employees involved in the recruitment process can quickly understand what the next step is. For example, what step comes after the initial interview, and who is responsible for that step.

How to add a Diagram to a Confluence page
  1. Hover your cursor over the Add menu on any Confluence page
  2. Select Gliffy Diagram
  3. Enter a name for your diagram
  4. Use the Gliffy Web-based editor to complete your diagram
  5. Once you've completed your diagram, select Save and Close from the File menu in the top-left of the Gliffy editor

(info) Read the Blog Post

(warning) The Gliffy and Balsamiq plugins are pre-installed with Confluence Hosted Evaluations.

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