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Aino is a student magazine published by the Student Union of Aalto University (AYY), which comes out at least four times a year. The magazine is journalistically independent. The magazine follows good journalistic practice in its actions.

Aino is primarily a magazine for the students of Aalto University. The most important and primary task of Aino is to follow, comment on and bring up issues that concern students, both from inside the student community and from outside it too. In addition, the magazine looks at national and international student policy and social issues from the perspective of the student. The magazine has the courage to also tackle matters that are still incomplete and in progress, and act as an active initiator of discussion.

Aino takes into account and recognises the diversity of the Aalto community and encourages its readers to engage in constructive discussion. The magazine understands and accepts that the members of the Student Union have different perspectives, opinions and backgrounds. Aino does not compartmentalise its readers, but instead its objective is to find and deal with issues that affect everybody, provide room for a plurality of voices and promote the communal spirit of the students of Aalto University.



A half-day editor in chief, a part-time editorial secretary, a part-time AD and a volunteer-based editorial board work on the magazine.

The editor in chief
The Council of AYY selects the editor in chief. The General Secretary of AYY is the administrative superior of the editor in chief. The editor in chief is responsible for the recruitment of the rest of the editorial board, acts as its manager and is responsible for the content of the magazine.

The editorial board
In addition to the editorial secretary and the AD, an editorial board is selected for Aino. The editorial board is selected every year. There are around 10 members in the editorial board, who act as the assistants of the magazine and are responsible for their part for the publication of Aino. The editorial board generates ideas and creates the content of the magazine together with the editor in chief. In addition to the editorial board, the magazine may also have other assistants too.

The editor in chief selects the editorial board in conjunction with the volunteer recruitment of AYY in the autumn, with the help of the previous editorial board.

The editorial staff take care of the visibility of Aino and communicate on the publication of the magazine. The editorial staff listen to their readers and take feedback that comes from amongst the students into account when developing Aino.



The Council creates an editorial council for Aino at the beginning of its term. The editorial council has six specialist members, two student members and the person in charge of communications of the Board of AYY. The information officer of AYY serves as the secretary of the editorial council.

The editorial council supports the editorial board of the magazine in their work and monitors the realisation of the policy of the magazine. The editorial council gives feedback to the editorial staff, and, if necessary, defines the policy of the magazine in more details. The Council approves changes to the policy paper. In situations of dispute, the Council hears out the editorial council and decides on measures to be taken through a simple majority of votes cast.


The editor in chief is responsible for the finances of the magazine within the framework of the budgetary estimate of the Student Union. AYY ensures that the magazine has sufficient financial operational requisites. In addition, advertising space is sold in the magazine. The advertising and journalistic material must be kept clearly separate from each other.

The magazine provides space for the communications and marketing material of AYY in a manner that is agreed on separately with the editor in chief.